People join Achilles for many reasons and with many goals:

  • to improve physical strength
  • to build confidence
  • to help someone achieve their dream

and all of our members and volunteers work hard to achieve them.

But something else happens at Achilles that few expect, but everyone cherishes. It is the sense of friendship, encouragement, and community that people find with us.

We have always believed that with support, nurturing, and training, people with disabilities could participate and succeed in mainstream sports

Today, with members in over 70 countries, we are still an organization of communities. In training and racing together, disabled and able-bodied athletes learn to support each other and focus on what brings them together, rather than what might keep them apart.


If you suffer from a disabling condition and would like to participate in mainstream running events, visit Join Today and complete the Achilles Member Application Form.


Inspired to run? Want to help Achilles athletes through guiding or have other talents to lend? Visit Join Today and complete the Achilles Volunteer Application Form.

Athletes and volunteers in downtown Toronto